Getting Started

New to watts? Click here to get a quick overview of how watts works.

User’s Guide

The user’s guide contains instructions for installing and an overview of the basic concepts.

API Reference

The reference guide provides detailed information on classes, methods, arguments, return values, etc.

Developer’s Guide

Interested in contributing to watts? Our developer’s guide provides instructions on how to make a contribution.


Once you’re acquainted with the basics of watts, check out our examples that illustrate a variety of use cases.

Getting Help

Have questions? Click here for our discussions forum where you can ask questions and engage with our development team.

Recommended publication for citing

Paul K. Romano, Nicolas E. Stauff, Zhiee Jhia Ooi, Yinbin Miao, Amanda Lund, and Ling Zou, “WATTS: Workflow and template toolkit for simulation,” Journal of Open Source Software, 7 (79), 4735 (2022). doi:10.21105/joss.04735